Loading a Root Agent From Snapshot into an Experiment

There is one more use case of model snapshots. You can load root object from a snapshot into an experiment. It can be any experiment - possibly of even another type than the one that was launched when you have saved the model snaphot. The only self-evident restriction is that the model should be the same. 

Loading a root agent type from a snapshot into an experiment, you load the saved state of a model from the snapshot file. The experiment will be started from the time when the model state was saved.

Unlike restoring snapshots, when loading a root agent from a snapshot, experiment settings are not taken from the saved snaphot.

 To load a root from a snapshot into an experiment

  1. In the Projects view, select the required experiment.
  2. Open the Advanced section of the experiment's Properties
  3. Select the Load root agent from snapshot checkbox.
  4. Choose the snapshot file, which root agent's state you want to load into the experiment. Type the full path to the snapshot file in the edit box to the right of the checkbox. You can browse to the required file using the Browse button.