Properties View

The Properties view is used to view and modify the properties of a currently selected model item(s). When you select something – e.g., in the Projects view or in the graphical editor – the Properties view displays the properties of the selection.

By default the Properties view is docked to the right part of AnyLogic window.

 To show/hide the Properties view

  1. Choose View >  Properties from the main menu.


The Properties view

The Properties view contains several sections. Every section contains controls such as edit boxes, check boxes, buttons, etc., used to view and modify properties. The number of pages and their appearance depend on the type of a selected object.

Properties view keyboard shortcuts

There is a number of keyboard shortcuts assigned to certain commands that enable you to use the keyboard instead of the mouse when working with the properties view.

Windows Mac OS

Ctrl Space

Option Space

Open code completion window.

Ctrl J

Cmd J

Open code editor and highlight the code line corresponding to the currently selected code field.

Ctrl Enter

Cmd Enter

Perform refactoring of the element being renamed. Note that this command can only be invoked immediately after modifying the value of the element's Name property field, i.e., before switching to other property fields or elements.

Ctrl X or
Shift Del

Cmd X

Cut the currently selected text to the Clipboard.

Ctrl C or
Ctrl Insert

Cmd C

Copy the currently selected text to the Clipboard.

Ctrl V or
Shift Insert

Cmd V

Paste text from the Clipboard.

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