Activating AnyLogic using USB dongle

AnyLogic Professional and AnyLogic University provide you with frequently requested "floating license" mechanism. Now you can activate AnyLogic using USB dongle.

Activating AnyLogic with a dongle gives you evident benefits: you do not need to request activation key via internet connection - all you need is just insert your dongle into USB slot and activate AnyLogic in a very simple manner. So, now AnyLogic can be successfully installed in those corporations that prohibit for some reason their employees to use internet on their work machines.

Another point is simplicity - when you activate AnyLogic via software activation key you should re-request a new key when you install new operating system on your computer. Using a dongle you eliminate this case - in spite of any hardware and/or software changes on your computer the only thing you need to activate AnyLogic is AnyLogic dongle.

To activate AnyLogic using a dongle

  1. Insert your dongle into any empty USB slot of your computer.
  2. Start AnyLogic.
  3. If your product is not licensed, you will see AnyLogic Activation Wizard opened. Otherwise (if you are evaluating AnyLogic and want to activate it permanently), open AnyLogic Activation Wizard by choosing Help|Activate Product from AnyLogic menu.
  4. With the AnyLogic Activation Wizard opened, select Use an USB Dongle to activate AnyLogic. Please insert a Dongle before pressing Next. option and click Next.
  5. If you are activating AnyLogic using this dongle for the first time, the next page of the wizard will prompt you to enter PIN code for this dongle. This code might be sent you at the stage of purchasing AnyLogic license. We use PIN-code activation to prevent illegal using of our dongles.
  6. If AnyLogic was successfully activated, the corresponding message will be shown on the final page of the wizard. Click Finish and start using AnyLogic on this machine.
Whenever you need to use AnyLogic on another computer (say, your home laptop) you can remove dongle from your work machine and activate AnyLogic on your home computer using this dongle in the same manner described above.

Renewing the Support Services License

When AnyLogic Support Services License expires, you can renew it by purchasing one more year of maintenance and technical support. Having purchased the Support Services License renewal, you will need to update the information about the license expiration date in your AnyLogic. Please refer here for details.