Tools Menu

  Create Documentation... - Opens the Create Model Documentation dialog that prompts to create documentation on the selected model. All widespread formats are supported: PDF, DOCX, HTML. The document will contain a list of all model elements along with their properties, descriptions and optional screenshots. Elements are logically grouped by categories (system dynamics stock-and-flow diagrams, statecharts, etc.).

Check for Snapshot Compatibility - Checks, whether the currently selected model satisfies snapshot requirements. If yes, you can save and restore model snaphots, i.e. save the full state of a model during runtime to a file, and restore it at a later time and continue running simulation from the saved moment of simulation. 

Check System Dynamics Units - Checks consistency of units in the selected model. If no model is selected, checks system dynamics units in all models currently opened in the workspace.

Reset Perspective - Resets the current layout of AnyLogic views, editors and toolbars to the default one. This command may be helpful in case the user has occasionally arranged views in an inconvenient way and wants to return back to the default layout settings (when the Projects view is docked to the left side of the application window, the Palette view - to the right one, the Properties - to the bottom, etc.).

Preferences...Opens AnyLogic preferences dialog box allowing user to change AnyLogic preferences.