AnyLogic Support Services

AnyLogic Support Services include:

Having purchased AnyLogic, you get one year free subscription to the software support services. When this license expires, you can always renew it by purchasing one more year of maintenance and technical support.  

The information about the Support Service License's expiration date is easily accessible.

Upgrades and updates

Support Services License allows you to download and install all AnyLogic versions, released during your Support Services License period. 

How to know that a new version is released?

When a new version is released, the information dialog box is shown in AnyLogic offering you to download and install the new version from the web site (see the figure below).  Click Go to web site and download to start downloading the new AnyLogic version from the AnyLogic web site.

You can switch off the automaic check of updates off by clearing the checkbox Check for updates on AnyLogic startup. Having done this, you will need to check for updates yourself by choosing Check for Updates from the AnyLogic Help menu. 

Technical support

The AnyLogic Support Services License allows you to ask AnyLogic Support Team any questions regarding AnyLogic and your models during the License period. 

AnyLogic Support Team will try to answer all questions in details. Sometimes they may ask you to send them your model to fix the problems there by themselves.

How to send a question to the AnyLogic Support Team?

You can do this using the AnyLogic Support dialog that can be opened by clicking the  Get Support... toolbar button.

The dialog box AnyLogic Support

 To send a question to the AnyLogic Support Team

  1. Type the message in the text box. 
  2. If needed, attach the model file to the message (please note that there is 2 MB limitation on the file size), 
  3. Enter your e-mail address in the Reply to E-mail box.
  4. Send the message by clicking Submit. You will see whether the message was successfully sent, or not. If everything was OK, complete the operation by clicking Finish. If something went wrong, return to the previous page by clicking Back, change the Proxy settings... and then try to send the message again.

Renewing the AnyLogic Support license

When AnyLogic Support Services License expires, you can always renew it by purchasing one more year of maintenance and technical support. For more information please refer here.

 Checking the Support Services License's expiration date

 To get information about your AnyLogic license
  1. Choose Help > About AnyLogic from the main menu. You will see the About AnyLogic dialog box. Here you can see the information about your license: its type, the AnyLogic version number, Support Services license's expiration date, etc.

The dialog box About AnyLogic