AnyLogic Support dialog

The AnyLogic Support dialog is the place where the user can formulate any question and send it to AnyLogic Technical Support Team. If you have searched for the solution of your problem and found that it is not mentioned in AnyLogic Help, feel free to contact AnyLogic technical support team. AnyLogic Support Team will gladly help you to solve all your problems, either technical (e.g. my model does not compile successfully, throwing out an error) and modeling ones (e.g. what modeling approach is best in solving my problem?)

AnyLogic Support dialog

 To open the AnyLogic Support dialog

  1. Click the  Get Support toolbar button.

Enter your message and press Submit to send it... 

The place where you  type your question.

Attach your AnyLogic model

Select this checkbox and click Next to choose a model.

Click the down arrow for Model to select a model. In the model tree you can select or deselect files. Click Submit when you are finished with choosing a model. The files will be packed to zip archive and sent to our supprt team. 

Attach another file

You can attach any other files (or the model files) to the message. Choose the file you want to attach using the Browse... button to the right of the Attach another file field.

 Please note that the size of the attachment should not exceed 2 MB.

Reply to E-mail 

Type your e-mail address here. Please specify valid e-mail since the answer will be sent to this particular address.

Connection settings... 

Opens the Connection Settings dialog box that enables to set up connection settings. In the case you use proxy, select the Use Proxy check box and define the settings in the Http proxy and Port edit boxes. If required, specify Login and Password.

Support Services expiration date

The field contains information about your Support Services license.


Press this button to finish the process and send the e-mail to AnyLogic Support Team.


Press this button to cancel all your changes and close the dialog without sending any questions.

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