Search View

This view displays the results of a text search

Here is what the Search view looks like:

The Search view

 To show/hide the Search view

  1. Choose View >  Search from the main menu.

Search results are displayed as branches of your workspace tree leading down to the model elements containing string matching search expression. For example, your search can output that the looked for text is found in some property of a model element. You can simply proceed to this particular property by double-clicking it in the search tree. The element with the text string matching the search expression will be selected in the workspace tree, and the string will be highlighted in the Properties view opened for this element.




Show Next Match

This command highlights the next match in the workspace. 

Show Previous Match

This command highlights the previous match in the workspace.

Expand All

Expand all matches in the hierarchical view.

Collapse All

Collapse all matches in the hierarchical view. 

Run the Current Search Again

Run the search with the current settings again.

Show Previous Searches

This command allows you to browse previously conducted searches and repeat a previous search.  You can select a previous search from the drop-down menu or clear the search history.

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