Searching palette elements

AnyLogic provides a convenient mechanism of searching elements in the palettes. It may be needed when you can not find the required element in the palette, or do not remember what particular palette contains it.

 To find the palette element
  1. Click in the Palette view.
  2. Start typing the element name You will see that the view contents are filtered: only the elements with the names that start with the specified string are shown in the view now.

  1. Having found the required element, add it onto the graphical diagram and close the search bar by clicking the button to the right of the Look for string:

  1. This will bring the Palette view to its normal state.
If the element name consists of several words, you may start typing any of them (as in the given example - you may type function to find the Table function). This can be convenient for example when you are searching for Pedestrian Library objects: since names of all objects of this library start from Ped, you may directly type the second, meaningful, word, e.g. you can type just GoTo to find PedGoTo.

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