Customizing the palette appearance

To simplify working with the Palette view, AnyLogic allows users to customize its appearance. The settings are saved and applied again on next AnyLogic launches.

You can customize the way palette elements are displayed in the Palette. By default they appear as small icons. If needed, you can show them as a list (if there are too many elements in the palette), or as large icons (if small icons are hardly distinguishable).

 To change the appearance of the palette elements

  1. Hover the mouse over the title bar of the required palette. Click the button  and choose the appearance type from the popup menu: Small Icons, Large Icons, or List

List Small Icons Large Icons

Element appearance settings are defined individually for each palette. Therefore you can use various modes for different palettes, e.g. use Large Icons mode in Pictures and 3D Objects palettes, and List mode in all other palettes.

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