Model Menu

The Model menu contains general commands for working with your models.

  BuildBuilds the currently selected model.
  Run - Runs the experiment chosen from the popup menu.
  Debug - * Starts debugging the experiment chosen from the popup menu.
  Resume* Debug command. The thread resumes its execution and stack frames are no longer displayed for the thread.
  Step Over - * Debug command. The currently selected line is executed and suspends on the next executable line.
  Step Into - * Debug command. The next expression on the currently selected line to be executed is invoked, and execution suspends at the next executable line in the function that is invoked.
  Step Return - * Debug command. Execution resumes until the next return statement in the current function is executed, and execution suspends on the next executable line.
  Stop - Terminates the currently running model.
* Available only in AnyLogic Professional and AnyLogic University Researcher edition, while debugging the model.