Log View

The Log view displays all problems found upon import of Vensim® models into AnyLogic

Here is what the Log view looks like:

The Log view

 To show/hide the Log view

  1. Choose View >  Log from the main menu.

The view is automatically shown on the completion of the import process.

At the top of the view you can see the name of the converted model. All warnings and errors listed below are related to this model.

The Log view contains a table of problems discovered upon importing the model.

The first column of the table displays an icon that denotes the type of the problem:  error, or  warning. Errors are critical problems that lead to non-compiling model. Warnings indicate some non-critical inconsistencies with the original model that are recommended to fix. 

The second column, Element, displays the name of the element - originator of the problem.

The column Description gives the detailed description of the problem and optionally recommends the way of solving it. If the description is too long and does not fit into the table cell, you may hover the mouse over it and wait for a second - you will see a tooltip containing the complete description.  

Navigating to the errors listed in the Log view

You can open a location of any error listed in the Log view. Depending on the error, the "open" operation may result in displaying different views. 

If it is an error e.g. in a formula of some stock, the properties of this particular stock will be shown in the Properties view, and the cursor will be put into the field containing the error.

If, for example, it is a graphical error, the corresponding diagram will be opened in the graphical editor with invalid shapes highlighted. 

 To open an error

  1. Double-click the corresponding row of the table in the Log view.

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