Help Menu

The Help menu contains commands providing access to help information, AnyLogic Support Team and AnyLogic activation wizard.

AnyLogic Help -  Opens AnyLogic Help documentation in a standalone Help window.

WelcomeOpens AnyLogic Welcome page.

  Example ModelsOpens the Example Models tab of the Welcome page. It provides the user with links to all example models distributed along with AnyLogic.

Changes History - Opens the text file listing history of changes.

  Get Support... -  * Opens AnyLogic Support dialog box allowing to ask a question or send a feedback to AnyLogic Support Team.

 Anylogic Users on LinkedIn -  ** Opens the LinkedIn Anylogic Users community page in the user's default browser. Instead of the support services offered to the AnyLogic commercial users, PLE users can alternatively get support from our LinkedIn group users.

Training Courses... -  Opens the web page listing the information about the training courses provided by The AnyLogic Company.  

Renew Maintenance and Support... -  * Enables to renew the license on AnyLogic maintenance and technical support. Opens the page in your default web browser that lists the information on the cost of the renewal and provides the form for purchasing the license.

 Update Dongle... -  * Opens the dialog allowing to update activation dongle with the update file containing updated information about the Maintenance and Support Service license. Use this option when your AnyLogic is activated using USB dongle and you renew your Maintenance and Support Service.

Check for Updates - * Connects to The AnyLogic Company web site and checks whether new AnyLogic updates are available.

Activate Product... - * Opens the activation wizard prompting activation of the product.

Terms of use - Opens a document in the user's default browser with the software license agreement terms.

About AnyLogic - Displays information about AnyLogic: license type, version number, product expiration date, Support Services status, etc.

* Available only in AnyLogic Professional and AnyLogic University Researcher editions. 

** Available only in AnyLogic PLE edition.