Grouping and Ungrouping Views

If some views are rarely used at the same time, you can group them together. Grouped views are displayed as tabs of the mutual window. You can switch from one view to another by clicking the tabs. 

Properties and Console views grouped together

 To group views
  1. Drag the view over another view's tab. The hand cursor and the dividing line between tabs will be displayed in the places where you can place the view. A prohibition cursor indicates that the view cannot be docked.
  2. Release the mouse button. The views will be displayed as tabs of the single window.
 To ungroup a view
  1. Start dragging the view to a different place within the AnyLogic window area.
  2. Move the mouse until you see a rectangular highlight that provides additional feedback on where the view will dock.
  3. Release the mouse button. The view will be placed in the specified position in the AnyLogic window area.