File Menu

The File menu contains commands for performing the basic operations with model files in AnyLogic.

NewCreates new AnyLogic element. Type of the element is selected from the submenu: it can be either Model, Agent Type, Option List, Java Class, Java Interface, Dimension, Experiment, or Library.

  Open - Opens existing AnyLogic model.

Recently Opened Models - Allows to open a model from the list of recently opened models. The maximum number of models in the list is defined in AnyLogic preferences.

  Save - Saves all changes you have done in the currently selected model.

  Save As... - Saves the currently selected model with a new name.

  Save All - Saves all models currently present in the workspace.

Close - Closes the currently selected model. 

Close Others - Closes all opened models except for currently selected one.

Close All - Closes all models currently opened in the workspace.


         From Vensim - Imports Vensim model into AnyLogic.


          To AnyLogic Cloud - Exports the currently selected model to AnyLogic cloud.

          To Stand-alone Java Application - Exports the currently selected model as standalone Java application.

 SVN - Contains commands for team development with SVN.

         Checkout... - imports the model from SVN repository.

         Share... - adds the selected model to the SVN repository.

         Commit... - commits the local changes to the SVN repository.

         Update - updates the local working copy of the model with the model from the SVN repository.

Exit - Exits AnyLogic.