Evaluation License Limitations

You can evaluate AnyLogic for 30 days. We give you this opportunity to know benefits, strengths and capabilities of AnyLogic. To evaluate AnyLogic, please download the required AnyLogic edition from our web site: https://www.anylogic.com/downloads.

When AnyLogic is in evaluation use, you'll see [EVALUATION USE ONLY] warning shown in the application window title. 

Evaluation version of AnyLogic is fully functional. However, there is a set of limitations applied to Evaluation AnyLogic License:

  1. The model can contain no more than 10 agent types.
  2. Model export as stand-alone application is disabled.
  3. Agent can contain no more than 35 agent populations and flowchart blocks.
  4. Agent can contain no more than 50 system dynamics variables.
  5. Each model can contain no more than 3 dimensions.
  6. Each model can contain no more than 5 option lists.