Colors Dialog

The Colors dialog box is commonly used when the user wants to specify some custom Fill color or Line color for a shape or a model element, that is not present among the set of most used colors. 

 To choose some custom color using the Colors dialog box

  1. Open the drop-down list containing the set of most used colors by clicking inside the Fill color or Line color control:

  1. Click in the Other Colors... section. The Colors dialog box will be opened. 
  2. Choose the color you like using the provided controls (they are described below).
  3. When finished, click OK to apply your changes.
The dialog contains two pages (Standard and Spectrum) and the common area at the bottom of the dialog.

Standard page

The Standard page allows the user to choose the color from the set of standard colors. When you hover the mouse over some color from the palette, the tool tip displaying the symbolic name of this color is shown. 

Spectrum page

The Spectrum page enables to choose some custom color. You can choose any color from the spectrum by dragging the handle in the Colors area. Or you can specify Red, Green and Blue color components directly in the controls below. 

The common area of the dialog contains the following controls:

The preview pane in the lower right corner shows the color, currently set for the edited model element (Current) and the color, currently selected in the color chooser's palette (New).

Chosen color - Displays the code string corresponding to the currently chosen color: either the color name constant, or the color constructor. You can use this field to define a custom color as described here.

Copy -  The button copies the string from the Chosen color field to the Clipboard. You can paste it later on in the corresponding Dynamic property of some another shape you want to be painted with this color.

Transparency - The slider sets the transparency for the color. The transparency value is displayed in the control to the right of the slider. 255 corresponds to fully opaque color, 0 - to fully transparent.

Defining a color using Java expression

You can set a color by specifying a valid Java expression in the Chosen color field. 

Several alternative syntaxes are allowed. You can specify: