Adding Palette elements on the diagram

You draw model elements in the graphical editor by simply dragging them from the corresponding page of the Palette view.

 To add an element onto a diagram of agent or experiment
  1. Drag the element from the Palette view to the place of the diagram, where you want to place this element.

Drawing mode

The pencil icon  drawn near a palette element means that this element supports drawing mode. Drawing mode is the additional way of adding elements onto the diagram in addition to common dragging.

When you drag an element onto the diagram, you always get the shape of the predefined size and form. But sometimes you may want to draw a shape of the required form at once. In this case you should use the drawing mode.

To activate the drawing mode, double-click the element in the Palette. The element icon should turn to :

Now you can draw a shape in the graphical editor using some common set of actions. However, these actions slightly differ for different elements:

State, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Oval, Line

Drag to the graphical editor where you want to draw the shape. Stop dragging when you've got the shape of the required form and size.

Connector, Transition, Polyline, Curve

Successively draw points of a shape by clicking at the required points on the diagram. Double-click to place the end point and finish.

Let's illustrate the difference between two ways by the example of a rectangle.

Drawing a rectangle of the predefined form using drag`n`drop

 To draw a rectangle of the predefined form
  1. Drag the Rectangle   element from the Presentation palette to the graphical editor (right to the place where you want to locate this shape).

  1. Now you can modify the appearance of the drawn rectangle by dragging its handles to required points on the presentation.

Drawing a rectangle of the required form in the drawing mode

Sometimes it would be more convenient to use drawing mode.

 To draw a rectangle of the required form at once
  1. Double-click the Rectangle  element in the Presentation palette. 
    This activates the drawing mode for this element (its icon turns into  to indicate that the drawing mode is currently turned on). 
  1. Press the left mouse button in the graphical editor where the upper left corner of the rectangle should be placed.
  2. Hold the mouse button pressed; drag the cursor to the point where you want to place the lower right corner of the rectangle.
  1. Release the mouse button.
  2. As the result, a rectangle of the required form will be drawn at once.