Sharing your AnyLogic Cloud model

The models that you have uploaded to AnyLogic Cloud can be shared with other users.

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 To configure your model's Sharing Settings

  1. Click the Sharing Settings on the model screen or click the  Share button on the toolbar of the experiment screen.

    The model's Sharing Settings section will open:

  2. Choose how you want to share your model. You can do any of the following:

 To share your model with certain people

  1. In the Invite people section, type the e-mail address of the person you want to share the model with.
  2. Select the person's user role from the drop-down list:
  1. Click the Invite button to send the invitation e-mail to the address that you have provided. If the person is not yet registered in AnyLogic Cloud, the e-mail will contain the link prompting them to register.
 To share your model with anyone via direct access link
  1. Click the Open access button to get the direct link, allowing to share the current model with anyone.
  2. Click the Copy button to copy the link.
  3. Send the link to anyone who you want to share the model with
  4. To withdraw access via the shared link, click the Close access button to the right of the corresponding link. 

 To list your model as a public model

  1. In the Publish model section, click the Publish button. The model will be listed in the Public models section of AnyLogic Cloud. It can now be accessed by all AnyLogic Cloud users.
  2. Enable the Allow to download sources of the latest model version option, if you want to publish the source files as well.
    Note: All AnyLogic Cloud users are automatically assigned the User type of rights for the listed model, which prohibits them from modifying it. The users can, however, use the Add to my models command thus obtaining full ownership of the model's copy.

    If no categories are currently assigned to the model, you will be prompted to fill in the mandatory Categories field before publishing the model.

User roles

The Model access section of the Sharing Settings screen allows you to assign specific roles to the model users, which grants them certain access rights.

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