Exporting a standalone application from command line

AnyLogic command line interface supports export of a model (or several models at once) as standalone Java application.

Before calling the export command, use cd <absolute path to AnyLogic folder on your computer> command to change the working directory.

The command syntax is as follows:

anylogic -e "absolute path to the exported model .alp file"

For example:

anylogic -e "D:\My Models\Call Center\Call Center.alp"

Here, -e is a common flag to run silent export. After it you can list the paths to as many models for export as you need. The models will be loaded, built, exported and closed one by one in the order of listing. For each model, all its experiments will be exported. By default each experiement will exported to a new folder <model name>_<experiment name> which will be created automatically in the model's parent folder. You can also export the model to an specific folder by specifying parameter -o "folder path" in the command line.

anylogic -e -o "absolute path to the destination folder" "absolute path to the exported model .alp file"

For example:

anylogic -e -o "C:\Export\Standalone Model Applications" "D:\My Models\Call Center\Call Center.alp"

If the model only contains a default simulation experiment, the following folder will appear in the model's parent folder: Call Center_Simulation.

Exporting specific experiments

To export a particular experiment of the model, specify the experiment's name after the model's name in the command. You can list more than one experiment separated by comma.

anylogic -e "D:\My Models\Call Center\Call Center.alp:Simulation,OptimizedSimulation"

Upon calling this command, the following two folders will appear in the model's parent folder: Call Center_Simulation and Call Center_OptimizedSimulation.

Depending on whether AnyLogic is running or not, the export process will differ.

When AnyLogic is not running:

When AnyLogic is running:

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