Experiment toolbar in AnyLogic Cloud

The experiment toolbar is displayed on top of the experiment screen: 

The toolbar holds a set of buttons allowing to perform all the basic tasks in AnyLogic Cloud. When you hover your mouse over the toolbar button, a tooltip with its name appears.

How-To video: AnyLogic Cloud

Main control elements

Toggle the sidebar

Navigate to the AnyLogic Cloud title screen

[Model name]

Navigate to the model screen

Run the experiment (without animation). If the experiment has already been run, the button is inactive and is displayed as 

Play vector animation

Save inputs for the current experiment

Discard changes in inputs (restore the inputs to the previously saved values)

Compare experiment runs

Export to Excel

Additional control elements

The button opens the additional commands menu:

Create a copy of the experiment

Export inputs

(the command is available for public models only)

Add a copy of the model to the My models section

Share the model

Model info (Navigate to the model screen)

User profile

The button opens the user profile menu:

Open the user profile screen

Get support

Show the AnyLogic Cloud Help

Open the About AnyLogic Cloud page

(Terms of use) Opens a pop up window with the Software as a Service (“SaaS”) Agreement

(Privacy policy) Opens a pop up window with the AnyLogic Privacy Policy

Sign out of AnyLogic Cloud

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