Configuring the Outputs section in AnyLogic Cloud

When configuring the Outputs section, you can add or remove the output data elements and freely position them within the Outputs area.

The following elements can be added:

To add an element, click the button. To remove an element, click the icon in its top-right corner.

How-To video: AnyLogic Cloud

To add an Output

  1. Click in the  Add output placeholder. A blank Output element will be created:

  2. Provide the label for the Output in the text field.
  3. Choose the type of the Output from the Choose type drop-down list. Depending on the type of data you want to visualize, select the appropriate option:

  4. Click the  Add item button inside the output and choose the desired model output value from the drop-down list to serve as the data item. The set of available data items depends on the type of the output that you have selected:

  5. If necessary, customize the output:

The Output elements that you add to the dashboard can be organized into collapsible sections.

To add a section
  1. Click in the  Add section placeholder. A section header will be created:

  2. Type the name of the section in the text field:

  3. The section is initially empty. Add Outputs to the section by dragging them below the section header:

    Alternatively, you can drag the section header itself using the dragging handle on its left edge. Position the section above the outputs you would like to include into it.

    Note: Section header marks the beginning of the section. All elements located below the header are included in the section. The section ends only with the beginning of a new section.
To visually divide the workspace into distinct areas, you can a add horizontal line between the Output elements. 

To add a separating line

  1. Click the button. The separating line will appear in the workspace.
  2. Position the line as necessary by dragging it using the dragging handle on its left edge.