Configuring the Inputs section in AnyLogic Cloud

When configuring the Inputs section, you can toggle the visibility of the experiment's inputs, change the input's control types as well as expose the experiment's internal settings:

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To show / hide an input element

  1. Click the  icon on the left of the element. The element will be hidden and the icon will change to . Click the icon again to show the element.

Arranging the input parameters

The input parameters section arrangement replicates the one for the top-level agent of the model (it is commonly the Main agent). 

To set the order of the parameters in the Inputs section of the AnyLogic Cloud model experiment, you must modify options in the Parameters preview section of the main agent's properties in AnyLogic.  

You can customize each parameter as follows:

Setting the input's name and control type

Model inputs' names and associated control types are defined in the Value editor section of the corresponding parameter's properties prior to exporting the model:

You can change the input's control type in AnyLogic Cloud by selecting it from the drop-down list:

Experiment settings

The Experiment settings section contains the experiment's internal settings. Certain experiment have their own control types, which are visible by default in the Inputs section:

The following default control types are hidden by default, but you can make them available in the experiment's dashboard if necessary.

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