Embedding model animation in your website

You can embed the animation of your model in your website.

This option is only available for models with public access. The animation will always refer to the same simulation as displayed at the public page of the model, i.e. the simulation experiment of the latest model version will run. If the latest version of the model has no simulation experiments, an error will occur.

To control the model execution, use the default animation toolbar. When you click the Stop button, the animation will return to the start page.

Note that you will not be able to change the parameters before running the simulation or save the outputs afterwards.

To embed the model animation

  1. Display the model tile either in the tiles view or in the model page.

  2. Click the  icon at the bottom right corner of the tile.
  3. Copy the HTML code fragment displayed in the dialog box.

  4. Paste the fragment into your HTML page where you want model animation to appear.

        <iframe width="1000" height="650" ...></iframe>

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