Restoring a Saved Model Snapshot

 To restore a snapshot of a model

  1. To restore the saved model state you first need to run the same experiment (you do not need to actually run the simulation, it is sufficient just to launch the experiment).  
  2. Now you will need snapshot management commands. Snapshot commands are located in the developer panel. To open the developer panel, in the model window, click the rightmost control Open developer panel .
  3. By default, the snapshot commands are hidden. To see them, click the show/hide snapshot options control in the topmost line of the developer panel. 
  4. Click the restore snapshot  toolbar button. 
  1. The Open model snapshot dialog box will open. 
  2. Choose the snapshot file you want to restore and click the Open button when finished.
  3. The model state saved in that file will be restored and the model will be put in the paused state.

Restoring a saved snapshot via API

You can also load saved snapshots programmatically.

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