Combining SD models with agent based and discrete event models

AnyLogic is the only tool that allows you to combine SD model components with components developed using agent based or discrete event methods. This can be done in many different ways. For example, you can model the consumer market using SD and the supply chain using AB approach. You can model the population of a city in a disaggregated way (as agents) and the underlying economic or infrastructural background in SD style. You can even put SD diagrams inside agents: e.g. SD can model the production process inside a company, whereas the company may be an agent at a higher level. Technically, interfaces and feedbacks between SD and AB or DE are very easy: some SD variables can be used in the decision logic of agents or be parameters of process flowcharts, and the latter in turn may modify other SD variables.

You can study the given very simple demo model that demonstrates one of the methods you can use to link continuous system dynamics model components with discrete ones. In this example we have a very simple system dynamics structure: a stock and a constant incoming flow filling the stock. The event with condition-type trigger waits for the stock to reach the level of 100 units and closes the inflow at that time. 

Simple demo model: Event Triggered by Stock Reaching Threshold

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