Presentation Window. The Status Bar

At the bottom of the presentation window you can see the status bar displaying information about the current status of the simulation. 

You can configure visible sections of the status bar of the presentation window at your discretion.  

Status bar

Item name




Shows the number of model runs already completed to the current moment and simulation status of the current run
( Running Paused,   Idle, or Finished).

Network access

Indicates that the model is accessing network (for example, downloading GIS map tiles from a remote map service).

Model time

Displays the current model time.

Real-time scale violation

Indicates that the current execution speed of the model is lower than expected (according to the selected real time to model time scale ratio). Real-time scale violation can occur if your model is compute-intensive.

Model step 

The number of the current model step, i.e. the number of discrete events executed. In the square brackets the number of discrete events scheduled at the moment is shown. The icon  indicates that the model has discrete events.  The icon  indicates that the model has continuous equations.


The experiment progress bar shows how far the experiment has advanced relative to the total simulation time of all its runs (replications).


The simulation progress bar shows how far the simulation has advanced relative to the total simulation time.

Model date

Displays the current model date.

Customize status bar

Clicking this button you open the popup menu where you can choose the sections that you want to be present in the status bar.

Events per second

Events per second.

Frames per second  

Frames per second.


Percent of total JVM memory currently used by the model. 

The Run garbage collection now   button initiates forced garbage collection - deallocation of unused memory.

Real time 

Real time of simulation, not including pause times.

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