Navigating Through a Running Model

You can easily navigate through the running model using the Model Navigation toolbar of the presentation window:

If you do not see the Model Navigation toolbar, open it as described here.

Navigating up the model hierarchy

The Model Navigation toolbar contains buttons for easy navigation through the launched model:




View experiment

Opens the presentation of the launched experiment. This button is disabled if the experiment's presentation is already shown.

View top-level agent

Opens the presentation of the top-level agent of the launched experiment. This button is disabled if the presentation of the top-level agent is  shown currently.

View owner of this object

Opens the presentation of the parent (owner) of the currently displayed agent (for the top-level agent it is the experiment). This button is disabled if the experiment's presentation is currently shown.

Alternatively to using this button, you may right-click (Mac OS: Ctrl+click) the empty area of the presentation window and choose  Level Up from the popup menu.

Navigating down the model hierarchy

Please make a point of the Model Explorer drop-down list located on this toolbar: 

The Model Explorer lists agents of the model (placed in the currently selected one) organized in a tree, and provides easy navigation and fast access to any of them. 

Please note that the Model Explorer lists only those agents that are located down the model hierarchy from the currently selected agent. In the case you need to navigate up the model hierarchy, use the toolbar buttons described above.

 To open the presentation of some agent

  1. Click the arrow in the right side of the Model Explorer:
  1. You will see the drop-down list displaying the hierarchical tree of agents embedded into the currently selected one. You may resize the list by dragging its lower right corner with the mouse.
  1. Choose the agent from the list. Its presentation will be shown in the presentation window.
    In case you need to navigate up of the model tree (one level up, or to the top-level agent, or to the presentation of the experiment), use the toolbar buttons described above.
  2. In case you navigate to an agent population, a special control appears to the right of the Model Explorer:

  1. Here you can specify the index of the particular element of this population you want to be displayed in the presentation window.
    Enter the index in the edit box or use arrows to the right to increment or decrement the currently chosen index.

 If you dynamically add or remove some agents to/from a population, these changes are automatically displayed in the Model Explorer. 

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