Controlling the Model Execution

When AnyLogic model is run, you can control the model execution using the control panel, displayed in the bottom of AnyLogic model window.   

The control panel contains buttons for controlling the execution of the launched model:





[Visible only if the model is not running currently

Runs the model from the current state. The model wil be run until you will stop it manually by clicking the  Pause or  Stop button (or until something in the model will pause or stop its execution).

You can either run the model until the specified moment of model time, or for a specified period of model time starting from the current moment. Please refer here for the details.


[Visible only if the model is running currently

Pauses the running model. You can resume the paused simulation any time.

You can pause the model at the specified moment of model time, please refer here for the details.


Terminates the model run.

Run control becomes disabled when there is no activity in the model. This indicates that your model has finished its work.

You can enable / disable these buttons and check their state (enabled / disabled) programmatically on the model runtime. The corresponding functions are described in the Control panel section here.

Controlling the model execution programmatically

You may need to control your model execution programmatically. For example, you may need to pause the model on some event, e.g. on event expiry and resume its execution when some statechart transition will be taken. AnyLogic offers a rich API capable of solving all tasks concerned with controlling the model execution, please refer here for more details.

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