What's new in AnyLogic 8.5

Multi-level models support

We have introduced levels for space markup elements, presentation shapes, charts, controls, etc. Multi-level objects, such as buildings, conveyors, and even cruise liners, are now easier to model in AnyLogic within a single agent.

You work with levels similar to layers found in graphical software. Each level can be designed separately, while maintaining a multi-layer view, and the visibility of the levels can be changed, allowing you to hide or display level contents.

To move material items between levels, special markup elements are used:

Material Handling Library

Density map for transporters: We have added a density map for AGVs moving in free space. 

Custom routing: Now you can include specific paths in the custom route for the transporters.

New Material Handling Library Tutorial: We have released a new tutorial - Lead Acid Battery Production. It contains step-by-step instructions on how to build a model of a production line for car batteries.

Pedestrian Library

Pedestrian traffic: Pallet racks, conveyors, and cranes now have the Is obstacle property. When it is selected, the space markup element becomes an obstacle for pedestrians and they are forced to go around it.

New example models

Demo model: Material Handling in Hospital

Demo model: Agent per Fluid Batch

Other improvements