What's new in AnyLogic 8.3

Material Handling Library 

AnyLogic version 8.3 introduces the specialized Material Handling Library. It enables and assists the simulation of processes in factories and warehouses. The library is especially useful for simulating production lines and assembly lines, as well as the transportation of goods in warehouses and factories – including the use of robots, such as automated guided vehicles (AGV). The routing of AGVs can be handled automatically in AnyLogic to help simplify model development.

New example models

To help you get started with the new library, there are several example models and how-tos. You can find the example models on the AnyLogic welcome page in the application, and also in the AnyLogic Cloud:

Models now launch in the browser

If you run a model in AnyLogic 8.3, instead of the usual presentation window, a browser window will open to display the model animation. This development enables improved animation, as already seen in the AnyLogic Cloud.

New 3D shape format support

AnyLogic 3D shapes now use the Collada (*.dae) format. This gives developers greater freedom to use 3rd party objects in models. Note: 3D shapes in the old *.x3d format will be converted and should be verified.

Custom blocks can be created in 2 clicks

Custom flowchart blocks are useful when you need to simplify the appearance of a process diagram or use the same group of blocks several times. To create a custom block: in the process diagram, select the blocks you want to group, right click the mouse button, and select Create Flowchart Block from the context menu. The properties and icon of custom blocks are customizable.

Other improvements