Resizing Presentation Shapes

AnyLogic supports two ways of resizing presentation shapes. First, you can specify shape's width and height in pixels in the shape's properties view. And also there is more visual way of rotating shapes directly in the graphical editor. 

As a rule, when you draw your presentation, it is more convenient to resize shapes directly in the editor. While shape properties are commonly used when you need to define how shape should change its size during the model simulation – the behavior can be easily defined using the corresponding dynamic properties of the shape.

 To resize a shape graphically
  1. Select the shape in the graphical editor by clicking it. 
  2. You will see handles - several blue rectangles displayed on the shape's border. 
  3. Click on the handle lying on the shape border you want to move (or the corner of the border, in the case you want to move two borders at once) with the left mouse button and, while holding the left mouse button down, move the mouse in the required resize direction. 
  4. Release the mouse button when finished. 
 To define shape size in pixels
  1. Select the shape in the graphical editor by clicking it. 
  2. In the Position and size section of the Properties view, enter the shape's height and width in Height and Width edit boxes correspondingly. 
You cannot resize a text shape since its size is defined by the text font.