Presentation Shapes

The  Presentation palette contains shapes that you can use to construct a presentation of your model:

Geometric shapes:





Rounded rectangle



Other elements:

TextText shape enables you to put labels with some comments or descriptions on presentation diagram.

Image - Image shape enables users to add images in presentations. Image can be loaded from image file of any format (.png, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, etc).

 Canvas - Canvas represents a rectangular area, within which you can draw by means of coding. The shapes you draw on the canvas can form either static or dynamic picture (if drawn and modified at model runtime). This feature allows you to use the canvas element for creating heatmaps (analogous to the AnyLogic's density map). Another typical use of AnyLogic canvas is animation of the spatial distribution (e.g. epidemy, pollution, housing). 

Group - Group is used to group presentation shapes so that you can control them (move, rotate, resize, etc.) all at once by controlling the group. Groups can be also used to shift the coordinate system for a part of a presentation.

 View area - View area allows you to mark out some particular areas on the presentation diagram, containing some logically detached groups of elements or parts of the diagram. Once defined such view areas, you can easily switch between them either at the model designtime and runtime.

 CAD drawing - CAD drawing enables users to import CAD drawings (in DXF format) into their presentations. You may need this in the case your model concerns a movement of objects (agents, pedestrians, etc.) in a certain physical space defined using a CAD drawing.