Changing Shape's Color

If your shape covers some area of the presentation diagram, you may paint it over with any color you wish. The color used to paint a shape over is called shape's fill color. You may choose any color or even a texture as a fill color of your shape.

 To change the shape's fill color
  1. Select the shape in the graphical editor by clicking it. 
  2. Open the Appearance section of the shape's Properties.
  3. Click the arrow in the Fill color control and choose the color you wish. You can choose No fill value if you do not want the shape to be filled. 
  4. You can change the transparency of the chosen color. To change the shape transparency, click Other Colors... in the opened dialog box. This opens the Colors dialog. Set up the transparency level you like using the Transparency slider. Transparency is defined numerically in the range (0,255): 255 denotes fully opaque color and 0 denotes fully transparent color.

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