About Material Handling Library

AnyLogic Material Handling Library is used to model and visualize manufacturing operations, complex production workflows, and storage facilities. The library’s extensive functionality supports a highly detailed simulation of factory layouts, workshop processes, and transportation routes. The process flowcharts built with Material Handling Library blocks can be further enriched by Process Modeling Library blocks to define elaborate process logic. You can build models that reflect all specifics of your facility workflow and use AnyLogic charts to analyze the obtained data and solve different types of problems, for example:

You can model the flow of production items in the facility using conveyors, transporters (AGV), and cranes. Conveyor networks can be enhanced by stations, turntables, turn stations, and so on. Transporters can move either along guiding rails or independently, they recognize obstacles, can resolve collisions, and have a rich API for custom routing purposes.

Elements like lifts, level gates, and network ports extend your options to create the layout of your facility and direct the flow of material items and transporters across multiple levels.

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