Connecting Ports

To establish message passing you should connect the respective ports by connectors. Connectors are paths used by messages to flow through the model.

You can establish message passing between:

 To connect two ports
  1. Double-click on one port.
  2. Click at each connector's turning point on the diagram.
  3. Finally, click on another port to finish the process. 
  4. Alternatively, you can drag the Connector   element from the Agent palette into the graphical editor (right on one port) and then drag the hanging edge of the connector onto the other port you want to connect.
When drawing connectors, you can notice that connector's points put correctly inside a port are indicated with small green circles. In the case you select the connector and do not see green circles, it means that you put connector's point close by a port and need to move it exactly onto the port.

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