Default Parameter Variation UI

Just as simulation experiment, parameter variation experiment has its own presentation drawn on the graphical editor diagram. By default, the diagram is empty. However, AnyLogic offers the user an ability of creating some default UI for parameter variation experiment. We advice you to start with creating the default UI and then adjust it somehow to satisfy your requirements.

Please create the experiment's UI after you have entirely defined the set of varied parameters in the Parameters table.

 To create the default experiment UI
  1. Select the experiment in the Projects view. 
  2. Go to the Properties view.
  3. Click the Create default UI button.
    This creates default UI for the experiment as shown in the figure below.

The default UI created for parameter variation experiment

The default UI consists of a number of controls displaying all necessary information regarding the current status of the variation process.

The table at the left displays all necessary information about the parameter variation process: the number of the current Iteration and the current Parameter values being used at the moment.

The experiment is run by clicking the Run button situated on the control panel of the model window.