Customizing the model window appearance

You may tune the model window appearance by changing window title, and enabling/disabling zooming and panning the window contents. 

You customize the model window appearance for each particular experiment using the experiment's properties in the Window section of the experiment's Properties. Note that the size of the experiment window is defined using the model frame and applies to all experiments and agent types of the model.

Window properties define the appearance of the model window, which will be shown, when the user starts the experiment.

Title – The title of the model window.

Enable zoom and panning – If selected, the user will be allowed to pan and zoom the model window.

Enable developer panel – Select/clear the checkbox to enable/disable the developer panel in the model window.

Show developer panel on start – [Enabled only if the Enable developer panel checkbox is selected] If selected, the developer panel will be shown by default in the model window every time you run the experiment.