Adding Breakpoints

Breakpoints are set on an executable line of a model.

 To add a breakpoint

  1. In the code editor, directly to the left of the line where you want to add the breakpoint, right-click (Mac OS: Ctrl+click) the marker bar (vertical ruler) and select Toggle Breakpoint from the popup menu. You can also double-click on the marker bar - this action also toggles a breakpoint. In the Properties view, the same actions are applicable, but first you have to place the cursor in the corresponding code field.

A new breakpoint marker appears on the marker bar, directly to the left of the line where you added the breakpoint.

Also, the new breakpoint appears in the Breakpoints view list.

While the breakpoint is enabled, model thread execution suspends before that line of code is executed. The debugger selects the thread that has suspended and displays the thread's stack frames. The line where the breakpoint was set is highlighted in the code editor.

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