Filtering records

You may want to see only some specific records of the database table. 

For example, you want to see only the records on the trainers available at Dallas. You can easily filter the table records and show only the records that contain the specified values. 

 To filter table records by some value

In our case we will filter the values by displaying only the records having Dallas value stored in the branch column.

  1. Click the grey cell in the branch column, below the column name, and above the first row with the data. You will see the popup list opened. Here you can select the records that you want to see by selecting the values that are allowed.
  1. We want to show only the records that have Dallas value in the branch column. We have to deselect all other values in the list and leave the Dallas only selected. It is easier to deselect all the options by clicking the Select All option in the list. This will deselect all the options. Now select Dallas by clicking on it and enjoy the result:

You can see the  icon shown for the branch column. It indicates that the records are filtered by some values in this column.

You can continue filtering the records by specific values in other table columns if needed.