User profile

The User profile screen contains general information about your user account.

 To open the User profile screen

  1. Go to AnyLogic Cloud: Profile the user menu > AnyLogic Cloud: Profile menu item Profile.

    AnyLogic Cloud: Profile menu item

On this screen, you can configure your user account using the provided controls.

AnyLogic Cloud: User profile

User profile sections

The screen contains the following sections:

  1. Profile photo — Displays your profile photo.
  2. Statistics — Displays the following data on the models contained in the My Models folder:
  3. Personal information — Allows to specify or modify the following personal data:
  4. Notification settings — (collapsed by default) Allows to specify whether you want to receive the email notifications when certain events occur:
  5. Change password — (collapsed by default) Allows changing your AnyLogic Cloud password.
  6. Delete profile — (collapsed by default) Expand to remove your account from AnyLogic Cloud.

    Note: You will not be able to restore the account and the data it contains:
    • Profile data (name, links, descriptions, other details).
    • Uploaded models. The shared access to such models will be lost. A model will not be deleted if you assign the Developer role to another user. In this case, this user will receive full ownership of the model once you delete your account.
    • Your comments will not be deleted. The author’s name will be changed to indicate that the account is inactive.

API section

Private Cloud users have access to the API section of the User profile screen:

User profile: API section

This section contains an API key that you can use to interact with your Private Cloud environment with your standalone tests and applications. To learn more about Private Cloud API, see the Cloud API documentation.

 To change your AnyLogic Cloud password

  1. Expand the Change password section.
  2. Type your current AnyLogic Cloud password and your new password in the corresponding fields.
  3. Confirm your new password by typing it again in the Confirm password field.
  4. Click the Change password button to apply changes.

Viewing public profiles of other users

You can view the information about other AnyLogic Cloud users from their public profiles.

 To open a public profile of a user

  1. For models you are developing: Open the Sharing tab of the model screen and click the name of the needed user in the Model access section.
    For models developed by other users: Open the model screen and click the name of the needed user in the Developers: field.
Public profile

Each public profile contains the information the user provided in their personal information, as well as the following statistics:

 To open the user’s model list

  1. Click Public Models by user, where user is the name of the user, in the public profile of this user.

 To message a user

  1. Click the Send message button in the public profile of the needed user.

    Note: You must be logged in into AnyLogic Cloud to proceed.

  2. In the subsequent form, type your message. Use plain text.
  3. Click Send.

Your message will be emailed to the user. In the From field of the resulting letter, the AnyLogic support email will be specified, so your personal information will not be revealed.

The resulting letter will contain a link to your profile which the message recipient can use to access your public profile directly.

To delete your AnyLogic Cloud account
  1. Expand the Delete profile section.
  2. Read the warning message. If you wish to proceed, click the Delete profile button.
  3. A confirmation box will pop-up, informing you of irreversible changes that will affect your account data.
  4. Click the red Delete button to delete your account completely.

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