AnyLogic Cloud toolbar

The main toolbar is visible from anywhere in AnyLogic Cloud.

Use buttons on this toolbar to perform all basic tasks in AnyLogic Cloud. Hover the mouse pointer over a toolbar button to display the name of this button.

Main control elements

In the Public models section of the title page: Toggle the category list
On the experiment screen: Toggle the sidebar

Navigate to the AnyLogic Cloud title screen.

Note: Private Cloud administrators can replace this image on the Customization tab of the administrator panel.
AnyLogic Cloud: Profile

Expand the user menu.

On the experiment screen, additional buttons become available on the toolbar. For more information, see Experiment toolbar in AnyLogic Cloud.

User menu

To expand the user menu, click .


Open the user profile screen

AnyLogic Cloud: Settings Settings

(For Private Cloud administrators) Customize the appearance of the AnyLogic Cloud instance.

 Get support

Open the AnyLogic Support form.

Fill in the form and click Submit to send a message to AnyLogic support team.


Show the visual guide to the AnyLogic Cloud interface.

 About Cloud

Open the About AnyLogic Cloud page.


Open the AnyLogic website to contact the sales team regarding the purchase of a particular AnyLogic Cloud edition and learn about the differences between these editions.

 Privacy & Terms

Open a dialog containing the AnyLogic privacy policy and the Software as a Service (“SaaS”) agreement.

 Log out

(For authorized users) Log out of AnyLogic Cloud.

 Log in

(For guest usersLog in to AnyLogic Cloud or create an account.

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