Title screen

The AnyLogic Cloud title screen opens when you log in to AnyLogic Cloud. It provides access to two main sections of AnyLogic Cloud: My models and Public models. It also allows you to search for a specific model using the Search models... field and contains the user menu.

How-To video: AnyLogic Cloud

My models

The My models section displays the models that you have uploaded or copied from public models.

Public models

The Public models section displays all the models that have been listed as public by other AnyLogic Cloud users.


To look for a specific model, use the search box available in the main toolbar of AnyLogic Cloud:

AnyLogic Cloud: Search

AnyLogic Cloud performs lookup in model names and each model’s information (such as description, author name, and so on) and displays the found models.

Note: Search works in the section you have opened: that is, to search for a specific public model, open the Public models section first.

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