AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite

AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite enables working on simulation models as a team. It installs as a regular user program on a Windows desktop computer that is connected to an organization's local network. AnyLogic users can then connect to this computer, upload models, conduct experiments, and analyze the results in graphs and tables. A benefit of cloud simulation model execution is that it occupies the resources of the designated server, leaving users free of the burden. It gives you complete control over your data, keeping it within your organization.

As a development consultant or if you work with third-parties, you can grant them access to Private Cloud Lite. This helps simplify workflows in both directions. For example, a consultant can show a finished model in action just by granting access.

Advantages of Private Cloud Lite

You can find out more about the features supported by AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite here.

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