Model versions

While uploading a model to AnyLogic Cloud, you can upload it as a version of an existing model rather than a new model. Model versions can be used to create a set of models based on a single model. The models in this set will include different sets of inputs and outputs.

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To create a model version, select an existing model in the Model drop-down list of the Export model to AnyLogic Cloud wizard:

Each model version includes a separate set of experiments. When working with the model in AnyLogic Cloud, you can view the existing versions and switch between the model version's experiments using the model sidebar:

You can manage the existing versions of the model using the Versions section of the model screen in AnyLogic Cloud:

 To download a model version

  1. Click the link with the name of the required model version in the Downloads column.

 To delete a model version

  1. Click the button in the Delete column of the corresponding row of the table.

    Note: A model must contain at least a single version, that is, you cannot delete the only remaining version.

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