Installing the License Server

System requirements

There are no requirements of where the License Server needs to be installed relatively to AnyLogic Private Cloud. You can install the License Server on the same machine, a different machine in the same network, or on an external machine.

The 8009, 8080, and 8443 ports should be open and available on the License Server machine.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Installing the License Server

Note: You should execute all commands described below in your Linux terminal.

Before installing the License Server, make sure the 8009, 8080, and 8443 ports are open and available, and are not blocked by the active firewall.

  1. Navigate to the desired directory to download the License Server (for example, cd ~/Downloads).
  2. Create a user account under which the server will run, or choose one of the existing accounts — except you should not use the root account.
  3. Make sure this user has write permissions in their home directory.
  4. Make sure the openssl library is installed. If it is not — install it. To do that, use the following command:
    apt install libssl1.0.2
  5. Check that the 64-bit library folder contains one of the following files or symlinks:,, If it doesn’t — create the symlink by executing the following command:
    ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
  6. Download the License Server installer using the following command:
    sudo wget
  7. Run the file by executing the following command inside the directory to which you have downloaded the file:
    sudo bash anylogic-team-license-server-2.3.201907160000.linux.x86_64.tgz.bin
  8. The license agreement will appear on the screen. Please read the license agreement and accept its terms. After that, choose where you want to install the License Server.

    Note: To answer the following questions, please press Enter to apply the default user and folder, or specify the respective names after [] brackets:
    • Do you agree to the above license terms? [yes or no] Yes
    • Under which user account run AnyLogic Team License Server? [<current_username>]
    • In which directory do you want to install AnyLogic Team License Server? [/opt]

  9. Open AnyLogic License Server in a browser on the server machine or navigate to http://<hostname>:8080 in a browser on another device. You should see the following message: service is not running / license is missing.
  10. Login with the default credentials: License Server: Login
  11. Choose Request Key, fill in the form, then click Send.

    License Server: Credentials

    Note: If your key request has failed, please copy and paste the generated key (the string chain shown in the screenshot above) into an email and send it to our support team at
    Make sure to paste the entire key to the email — not just a screenshot.

  12. When you receive an unlock key by email, please copy it to the clipboard. Click Enter Key, paste the key, then click Unlock.

    License Server: Unlocking

    If the activation is successful, the main page will open up:

    License Server: Main page

  13. Check the Private Cloud Lite Server IP field highlighted on the image above.

    Note: If you do not see this line, please contact our support team at

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