AnyLogic includes a rich set of business graphics components - charts - designed to efficiently present both simulation output data and simulation runtime data. The components can be edited graphically in AnyLogic editor, linked to parameters, variables, and the data analysis objects (data sets, statistics, histograms), and displayed at runtime as a part of the model UI.

Here we use the generic term chart both for conventional charts and histograms. Histograms accept data samples, perform statistical processing and display the results in the form of PDF, CDF, mean, etc., reflecting all samples ever added to the histogram. Charts display the current values (some – also the recent history) of the data items.

All visual properties (colors, scale, grid, legend, etc.) can be configured at design time or changed programmatically. Data items can be dynamically added or removed from the business graphics components. You can copy all or a portion of data from any component to the clipboard in the textual form by using its context menu or API.

AnyLogic charts are listed below. The collection of chart types is close to that of MS Excel.

Simple charts

Bar chart

Stack chart

Pie chart

Charts with history


Time plot

Time stack chart

Time color chart



Histogram 2D