Date and time in chart labels

All charts with history (time plot, time stack chart and time color chart) can display model dates in time (x-) axis labels. 

You can choose one of suggested formats or use some custom format which gives the best fit for your needs.

 To adjust the format of time axis labels

  1. Select the chart in the graphical editor or in the  Projects view. 
  2. Open the Appearance section of the chart's Properties.
  3. Using the Time axis format drop-down list choose one of suggested formats.
    If the Time axis format drop-down list is not visible, probably None is selected in the Horizontal axis lables drop-down list.
  4. If needed, you can display just number of model time units simulated so far in chart labels. In this case you should choose Model time units from the Time axis format drop-down list.

Predefined formats

Model date 

Model date (date only)


Model date (time only)