Chart Grid and Labels

All charts except pie chart can optionally display grid consisting of grid lines and their text labels. You can control the visibility and colors of both as well as labels positions. The text labels can be displayed on the either side of the corresponding chart border (the default positions are below and to the left of the chart). 

 To alter the chart grid and labels appearance

  1. Select the chart in the graphical editor or in the  Projects view. 
  2. Go to the Appearance section of the Properties view.
  3. Specify the allocation of horizontal or vertical axis labels relative to the chart using the Axis labels position drop-down list (Below or Above, Left or Right). You can switch labels off by choosing None
  4. You can change the labels color. Click the arrow in the Labels color control and choose the color you wish.
  5. To change the grid color, click the arrow in the Grid color control and choose the color you wish. To switch grid off, choose No Fill.