Color animation of the running flowchart

Anylogic animates all flowcharts at model runtime by displaying some information that can be helpful to understand how the simulated processes go on.

The basic color scheme for most of the PML library blocks in the simulation window includes a number of colors (from silver to dark blue) to distinguish the current state a block is in.

Let us take a closer look at the most frequently used blocks to define their colors and states in the model window.

Basic color scheme

Initially all blocks have basic color scheme with two colors:

silver  denotes that a block hasn't received an agent yet
light blue denotes that a block received first agent
By default, all blocks are silver. Block becomes light blue on receiving its first agent. Here belong the following blocks:  Source, Sink, Split, Combine, etc.

Advanced color scheme

In addition to basic color scheme, the advanced color scheme uses dark blue as the third color to visually describe processing of either action or any other form of data in the block:

The dark blue process line can be seen moving horizontally or vertically depending on the type of block.

Special color scheme

PML library contains a number of blocks with complex or custom color schemes used to denote their states or actions:

Hold block has custom color scheme describing it's state:

lime green denotes ready-to-function state or functioning without blocking agents
lime green with
question mark
denotes functioning in "conditional" mode
red denotes that the Hold block is currently blocking agent(s)
ResourcePool has complex color scheme describing it's state:

silver Denotes that resources defined by this ResourcePool block have not received / accomplished any tasks yet.
light blue,
dark blue
Denotes that a block received resource unit shows current load of the block.
linear gradient
(light blue ->lime green ->gold ->orange ->red)
Shows the block's overall load throughout the whole operating time.
RestrictedAreaStart as well as RestrictedAreaEnd have two colors two denote their state:

lime green denotes functioning state, not blocking the entry
red denotes functioning state, blocking the entry
For the full list of PML blocks and their descriptions please visit the Process Modeling Library Blocks page.