Transporters are vehicles used to transport material items in the modeled environment. They are defined by TransporterFleet block of Material Handling Library. Depending on the navigation type, the transporters movement is conducted either along network paths and nodes or in free space. Additional rules for transporter fleets with path-guided navigation type, such as custom routing, are specified in TransporterControl block.

You can specify a home location for transporters where they can return to / stay when released.

Every transporter unit collects time utilization statistics.

Transporter movement is controlled by MoveByTransporter block of Material Handling Library. This block comprises all necessary parameters to seize a transporter, load it with a material item, specify its destination and release the transporter upon reaching this destination. If you are modeling more complex processes, the seize and release actions can be defined by individual blocks: SeizeTransporter and ReleaseTransporter respectively.

You can postpone the start of transporters movement by specifying a delay for route calculation in TransporterFleet block.

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